ONLINE Meeting Materials

In March 2020, our groups transitioned to weekly online meetings. The document “rwc_online_meeting” has been updated for this purpose. It can be read by a facilitator who rotates or stays the same each week. The remaining pages of this document include short bios of white anti-racists who have gone before us. We read one aloud each week. They serve as part of our meeting rituals, designed to motivate us to take action and fight for social change in tangible ways. (Having a tech support person can be helpful for sharing links in the chat, sharing a screen for reading about White Anti-Racists, and creating a reading order, etc.)

The document “recovery_from_white_conditioning_one_pager” is the welcome page we hand out to any new member who joins our group…as part of conveying the spirit of our recovery journey and some of the core values that guide the work.

The 4th Step worksheet is available for use any time, particularly during a 4th step meeting, to support “journeying boldly inward.”

And lastly: the book_recovery_from_white_conditioning.pdf (above) is the Recovery text we use to ground us in our weekly meetings. Feel free to download it for free and use it in your meetings. Printed versions of the book “Recovery from White Conditioning” are currently available for purchase on; a Kindle version is also available for $0.99. (All profits go to local BIPOC-led organizations.)

We wholeheartedly invite white brothers, sisters, and siblings to join us and experience our weekly recovery meeting, if your schedule allows. (To request access to the Zoom link, please use the “Contact Us” section of the website.)

Please feel free to reach out any time with questions, as we strive to build healthy, loving, white anti-racist community, committed to self-reflection that drives action for racial justice.

2 thoughts on “ONLINE Meeting Materials

    1. Hi Haylee. Thanks for reaching out. If you send your information through the “Contact us” form on the website, we can send you a Zoom link to access our Wednesday evening meetings.


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